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•i must be dreaming•

two kids, one love//can't stop, won't stop

•Puck/Quinn are my OTP ♥
•Right now, Glee has become my fave show on TV!
•Mark Salling is my celeb crush
•Dianna Agron is my idol
•I love seeing these two together! just look at the pics from their latest photoshoot!

Glee Season 1 Mood Theme is credited to doesnotsway
Spuffy and LoVe Mood Themes is credited to spikeshunny
Thanks soo much to Shawna shawnalasex, for uploading my spuffy and LoVe moodthemes! *hugs*
my FO banner is credited to Haylie lovable_sin
the look of my LJ is credited to effulgent_girl
my LJ header was made by spadiceous from Fanforum
All the Mark/Dianna pics I found on tumblr, I'm not sure who to credit!